Differences What are the advantages of each

View of Patriot Torqx

Reasons to consider the
Patriot Torqx

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Lighter 91 g vs 130 g 30% lighter
Larger cache 64 MB vs 0 MB Compared to all SSDs, 64 MB cache is just OK
Higher MTBF 2,500,000 hours vs 2,000,000 hours 25% higher MTBF
Front view of OCZ RevoDrive X2

Reasons to consider the
OCZ RevoDrive X2

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Much higher capacity 960 GB vs 64 GB 15x higher capacity

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Torqx  vs
RevoDrive X2 
Capacity 64 GB 960 GB
Cache 64 MB 0 MB
Interface SATA II PCI-Express
Controller Indilinx 4 x SandForce 1222
Memory type MLC MLC

form factor

Torqx  vs
RevoDrive X2 
Form factor 2.5" PCI-E
Weight 91 g 130 g

manufacturer performance

MTBF 2,500,000 hours 2,000,000 hours


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