Samsung XP941 

Released June, 2013
  • 512 GB
  • M.2 PCI-Express

The RevoDrive 350 comes in three capacities with the capacity dictating the controller configuration.
by Kristian-Vättö (Sep, 2014)
2 on the other hand is the successor of mSATA and is electrically very similar to SATA Express.
by Kristian-Vättö (May, 2014)

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Not only is the RevoDrive relatively slow, it is also super expensive.
It is the fastest client SSD on the market and as long as your motherboard includes boot support for it, it is the best client drive that money can buy at the moment.

Samsung SSD XP941 Review: The PCIe Era Is Here

by Kristian Vättö |
That said, I don't believe that high queue depth performance is really important for client workloads as our internal workload analysis shows that even under heavy use the average queue depth tends to be no more than 5.
It's simply much faster to move electrons around a silicon chip than it is to rotate a heavy metal disk.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 512 GB
Interface PCI-Express
Controller Samsung
Memory type MLC

form factor

Form factor M.2
Thickness 22 mm
Weight 6 g
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