Samsung 830 

Released October, 2011
  • 64 GB
  • 2.5" SATA III
  • 256 MB
6.6 Out of 10

Overall, the Samsung 830 Series SSD is an excellent choice for a high-performance SSD.
by techPowerUp!
How that translates to real world performance is up for debate and is something that benchmarks probably aren't going to bear out.
by Legit Reviews (Dec, 2011)

SSDBoss Review Our evaluation of the Samsung 830

read performance

How quickly data is read from the drive

Samsung 830
840 Pro
4K Random Read, 4K Random Read Access Time and 512K Sequential Read

write performance

How quickly data is written to the drive

Samsung 830
840 Pro
4K Random Write, 4K Random Write Access Time and 512K Sequential Write

real world benchmarks

How well the drive performs common tasks

Samsung 830
840 Pro
Windows 7 Boot-up Time, Photoshop Lens Filter and AS SSD ISO Copy


How well the drive performs on common benchmarks

Samsung 830
840 Pro
Passmark Disk Rating, PCMark Vantage, AS SSD Score and 1 more


SSDBoss Score

read performance, write performance, real world benchmarks and Benchmarks

Samsung 830
840 Pro

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Samsung 830

4K Random Read

Samsung 830
225.52 MB/s
SSDNow V300
38.7 MB/s
Crucial M500
126.46 MB/s

4K Random Write

Samsung 830
44.96 MB/s
840 Pro
130.58 MB/s
840 EVO
106.65 MB/s

Windows 7 Boot-up Time

Samsung 830
10.5 s
840 Pro
7.8 s
SSDNow V300
8.3 s

Avg. Power Consumption

Samsung 830
2.19 Watts
Crucial m4
1.41 Watts
Samsung 840
1.69 Watts

4K Random Read Access Time

Samsung 830
5.56 ms
Crucial m4
28.42 ms
840 Pro
1.91 ms

4K Random Write Access Time

Samsung 830
1.11 ms
SSDNow V300
6.46 ms
Crucial M500
1.98 ms

Reviews Word on the street for the Samsung 830

Of course, what really matters with any drive is performance, and Samsung makes towering claims on that front: maximum sequential reads of 520MBps, sequential writes of 320MBps, 4KB random reads of up to 80,000 IOPS, and 4KB random writes of up to 30,000 IOPS.

We used the performance data from all our benchmarks to condense the results into a single relative performance score.

Controller speed has been improved, and the SATA interface upgraded to the 6GB/s SATA 3.0.


9.0 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


First came the incredibly fast 240GB OCZ Vertex 3, which was followed by its slightly less impressive 120GB version.
by PCMag (Jan, 2012)
Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of NAND flash in the world, so you'd expect a great performance from a Samsung solid-state drive.
by Tech Radar (Feb, 2012)
The 470 series got its name from the sum of the read and write maximum throughputs but we can't say the same about the 830 as the specs from Samsung say it can hit reads of 520MB/s and writes of up to 400MB/s..
by Legit Reviews (Dec, 2011)


But if you do, and if you’re willing and able to make do with less space, it’s a terrific choice.
by PCMag (Nov, 2011)
Our disk image consumes around 25 GB on disk; we resized the partition to fill all available space on the drive.
by techPowerUp!
You can expect to get about 238GB of usable space from the drive (the remaining gigabytes are dedicated to overprovisioning), and it's covered by a three-year warranty.
by PCMag (Jan, 2012)


Even so, it has all the features you have a right to expect from a top SSD contender at the beginning of 2012, starting with 6Gbps SATA III.
by PCMag (Jan, 2012)
Like most recent SSDs, the 830 SSD uses the SATA 6 Gbps interface.
by techPowerUp!
It is compatible with any other SATA standard, but will, in such a case, work at reduced performance.
by techPowerUp!


I only wish the price would be a bit lower.
by techPowerUp!
Samsung has the potential of taking a large share of the retail sales SSD business if they can reduce the price a bit more; they should be able to since they make all components used themselves.
by techPowerUp!


The specifications of 520MB/s reads and 400MB/s writes were exceeded in some of our tests and while it trails the fastest SandForce drives in the sequential writes on highly compressed data, it's a usage scenario that rarely presents itself in the real world - especially on a consistent basis.
by Legit Reviews (Dec, 2011)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 64 GB
Cache 256 MB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Controller Samsung MCX S4LJ204X01
Memory type MLC
NAND process size 27 nm
Maximum shock force 1,500G

form factor

Form factor 2.5"
Mfg warranty 3 years
Thickness 7 mm
Weight 61 g

manufacturer performance

Sequential read 520 MB/s
Sequential write 160 MB/s
Random read 75,000 IOPS
Random write 16,000 IOPS
Power consumption (Idle) 0.08 Watts
Power consumption (Active) 0.13 Watts
MTBF 1,500,000 hours
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