Promise Pegasus J2 

Released July, 2013
  • 512 GB

Away from the studio, the drive is a portable, bus-powered SSD with good performance for video and photo editing in the field.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)
The drive comes with a standard two-year warranty, shorter than the three-year warranty you usually find on high performance drives.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)

Features Key features of the Promise Pegasus J2

sequential read

Pegasus J2
750 MB/s
840 Pro
540 MB/s
Neutron GTX
550 MB/s

sequential write

Pegasus J2
600 MB/s
Neutron GTX
470 MB/s
840 Pro
520 MB/s

Reviews Word on the street for the Promise Pegasus J2

When you add additional power from the included AC adapter, the LED glows blue, showing that the drive is in higher powered, higher throughput mode.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


While in the studio (and connected to AC power), the drive kicks the spurs and sprints along as one of the faster drives we've tested.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)
It's certainly faster than the Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt Portable HDD (HD-PA1.0TU3) ($230) (13 seconds on our Drag and Drop test, 110MBps read, 96MBps write), which has a 1TB spinning hard drive in it instead of a SSD.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)
Performance The Pegasus J2 is one of the fastest drives we've reviewed, with the caveat that this speed was measured with the drive plugged into a wall outlet like a desktop-style drive.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)


However, the lower purchase price, and speedier performance (on bus power) of the LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt lets it hold on to its Editors' Choice for rugged portable drives, and is a better choice for the oft travelling visual artist.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)
However, when working on bus power only, the drive managed a slower 16 seconds on the drag and drop test, an proportionally slower throughput on the AJA System test (295MBps read, 281MBps write).
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)


At the 256GB capacity, the Promise Pegasus J2 is a speedy, somewhat adaptable SSD array for the travelling photographer or videographer.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)
The thing is, if you need a semi-portable SSD RAID drive for work, other drives like the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (1TB SSD) ($999) (6 seconds on Drag and Drop, 620MBps read, 380MBps write) gives you similar performance with four times the storage space, and hence up to four times larger projects.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)


It's pricey and has a relatively low capacity for a $500 drive, but it is one of the fastest portable Thunderbolt drives out there.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)


This will be a problem if you ever need to use the drive to transfer large files from your Mac to a system without a Thunderbolt port.
by PCMag (Jul, 2013)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 512 GB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Controller Phison
Memory type MLC

manufacturer performance

Sequential read 750 MB/s
Sequential write 600 MB/s
Power consumption (Idle) 1.1 Watts
Power consumption (Active) 2.9 Watts

form factor

Form factor mSATA
Mfg warranty 2 years
Weight 140 g
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