OCZ Vector 180 

Released March, 2015
  • 960 GB
  • 2.5" SATA III
The Vector 180 uses 19 nanometer NAND flash made by Toshiba, with the Barefoot 3 controller connected to a SATA 6 Gbps interface.
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TRIM on demand may let some enthusiasts beat their performance OCD, although Windows 8.1 already lets you TRIM SSDs on demand with its SSD-aware Defrag tool.
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Reviews Word on the street for the OCZ Vector 180

This capacitor is the foundation for OCZ's new Power Failure Management Plus technology, which protects the drive from losing all stored data in a power outage.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


In my opinion, it is not a big deal because a power outage will inadvertently lead to a complete loss of power anyway (unsaved application data etc.).
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The flash controller and memory chips are the same, with the only physical change being the addition of a capacitor that stores some power so the drive can continue running for a short moment should a power outage occur.
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In-flight data not protected by power outage protection.
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Still, people who want the fastest will look elsewhere.
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What I find more important is that competing drives can also be had for less, which means better price/performance AND better price per Gigabyte.
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Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 960 GB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Memory type MLC

manufacturer performance

MTBF 2,300,000 hours

form factor

Form factor 2.5"
Weight 115 g
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