Mach Xtreme Technology MX-DS Turbo Premium Edition 

Released March, 2012
  • 120 GB
  • 2.5" SATA III
This makes things more cost efficient with MLC because you can cram more data into the same space.
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Like most recent SSDs, the DS Turbo uses the SATA 6 Gbps interface.
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Mach Xtreme uses a Sandforce SF-2281 controller, which is a controller we have seen in many recent high-performance SSDs.
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A single MX DS Turbo SLC will be faster than most dual-SSD RAID 0 configurations because SLC reduces latency, while RAID 0 only increases transfer rate.
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MLC is, on the other hand, more prone to errors, which means that internal error correction has to work extra hard on MLC to ensure data integrity, and that can affect performance.
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Doubling the price for a 4-5% performance increase is certainly not for everyone, but SSD pricing has gone down so much that it's not unreasonable to spend 300 bucks on a fast storage device after spending 1000 dollars on the graphics card.
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Also, MLC is generally slower than SLC because it requires flash pages (the smallest addressable unit) to be fully programmed and erased, while SLC can break pages up into smaller sections.
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Typical daily-usage patterns benefit more from lower latency than higher transfer-rates, which are already high enough with SATA 6 Gbps.Compared to your standard run of the mill MLC SSD, the DS Turbo also promises better durability because SLC flash can generally take more erase cycles.
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It simply carries the identifier "DS Turbo" and comes with a capacity of 120 GB.
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Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 120 GB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Controller SandForce 2281
Memory type MLC

form factor

Form factor 2.5"
Weight 80 g

manufacturer performance

MTBF 2,000,000 hours
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