Crucial M500 

Released March, 2013
  • 960 GB
  • 2.5" SATA III
  • 24 MB
6.8 Out of 10

Benchmark Results: Given that this is usually the benchmark that yields peak performance, it's always nice to see a drive far exceed the given specifications which is what we see here from the M500.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)
Overall, the M500 may not be the fastest drive we've tested but it is very consistent and in the real world tests, where it counts, it performs very well.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)

SSDBoss Review Our evaluation of the Crucial M500

read performance

How quickly data is read from the drive

Crucial M500
840 Pro
4K Random Read, 4K Random Read Access Time and 512K Sequential Read

write performance

How quickly data is written to the drive

Crucial M500
840 Pro
4K Random Write, 4K Random Write Access Time and 512K Sequential Write

real world benchmarks

How well the drive performs common tasks

Crucial M500
840 Pro
Windows 7 Boot-up Time, Photoshop Lens Filter and AS SSD ISO Copy


How well the drive performs on common benchmarks

Crucial M500
840 Pro
PCMark Vantage, AS SSD Score and Tom's Hardware Storage Bench


SSDBoss Score

read performance, write performance, real world benchmarks and Benchmarks

Crucial M500
840 Pro

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Crucial M500

4K Random Read

Crucial M500
126.46 MB/s
840 EVO
318.8 MB/s
317.44 MB/s

4K Random Write

Crucial M500
66.2 MB/s
840 Pro
130.58 MB/s
Crucial m4
8.8 MB/s

Windows 7 Boot-up Time

Crucial M500
8.8 s
14 s
840 Pro
7.8 s

Avg. Power Consumption

Crucial M500
2.13 Watts
Crucial m4
1.41 Watts
Samsung 840
1.69 Watts

4K Random Read Access Time

Crucial M500
3.78 ms
Crucial m4
28.42 ms
SSDNow V300
7.51 ms

4K Random Write Access Time

Crucial M500
1.98 ms
SSDNow V300
6.46 ms
840 EVO
0.78 ms

Reviews Word on the street for the Crucial M500

When looking at cost per GB, it also reaches a very good result, making the M500 a great all-around drive that'll be an excellent choice for any user who's looking for fast SSD storage without breaking the bank.

Well OK, it still has an eye-watering price tag, but given how expensive solid state drives were even a year ago, it's an impressively low price point.


9.2 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


9.4Crucial has been in the SSD market for a while now, and has constantly been a key player, not only due to good performance but also competitive pricing.
by techPowerUp!
The new flash chips use a 128 Gbit die to increase page size from 8 KB to 16 KB, which increases sequential throughput and makes page management easier since the controller needs to store data for each page and now only has to worry about half the number of pages.
by techPowerUp!
Still below the SandForce drives in writes but it doesn't use compression to boost performance.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)


In the coming years - or, given how fast the SSD market moves these days, the coming months - the M500 960GB might well come to be seen as a line in the sand.
by Tech Radar (Oct, 2013)
Legit Bottom Line: The M500 Series from Crucial won't win any extreme performance awards but it's certainly fast enough for virtually anyone and the price per usable GB of the 480Gb and 960GB drives is extremely attractive.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)
Three Year Limited Warranty - From pre-release validation testing to ensure that our SSDs work with the broadest range of chipsets, motherboards, and operating systems to more than a thousand hours of endurance testing, our drives are tested for reliability from start to finish.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)


Well, 128Gb density NAND holds the promise of allowing for large capacity SSDs at competitive prices in the consumer market space - something of a holy grail for SSD manufacturers.
by Tech Radar (Jun, 2013)
The reason Crucial can offer such a large capacity disk at the price point they are asking is solely down to the NAND it uses.
by Tech Radar (Oct, 2013)
With a price of $395 at this time, the Crucial M500 480 GB is extremely affordable, reaching the second best performance-per-dollar score by placing just behind the Samsung 840 that is about 5% slower, though.
by techPowerUp!


Crucial's M500 series offers a glimpse of what the future might hold with the pricing of large capacity SSDs, and is a sign of how far the market has come in a short space of time.
by Tech Radar (Jun, 2013)
We didn't get our hands on the 960GB version but we were able to procure the next highest capacity of 480GB which should make for an interesting evaluation.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)
The cache is also Micron branded DDR3-1600 DRAM with 4Gb (500MB) in capacity.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)


The real story of this drive rests in not it's raw performance but the reliability, new architecture and the affordability of some very large capacities by SSD standards.
by Legit Reviews (Apr, 2013)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 960 GB
Cache 24 MB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Controller Marvell 88SS9187-BLD2
Memory type MLC
NAND process size 20 nm

form factor

Form factor 2.5"
Mfg warranty 3 years
Thickness 7 mm
Weight 64 g

manufacturer performance

Sequential read 500 MB/s
Sequential write 400 MB/s
Random read 80,000 IOPS
Random write 80,000 IOPS
MTBF 1,200,000 hours
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