Crucial m4 

Released March, 2011
  • 64 GB
  • 2.5" SATA III
  • 128 MB
6.4 Out of 10

Admittedly, not so much today, but then again the M4's input-output operations per second (IOPS) performance which is around the 40 to 50K mark is far from shabby and should make for strong real-world performance.
by Tech Radar (Aug, 2011)
Overall, I'm pleased with its performance, and the performance differences in this market segment are too small to be noticeable during normal use anyway.
by techPowerUp!

SSDBoss Review Our evaluation of the Crucial m4

read performance

How quickly data is read from the drive

Crucial m4
840 Pro
4K Random Read, 4K Random Read Access Time and 512K Sequential Read

write performance

How quickly data is written to the drive

Crucial m4
840 Pro
4K Random Write, 4K Random Write Access Time and 512K Sequential Write

real world benchmarks

How well the drive performs common tasks

Crucial m4
840 Pro
Windows 7 Boot-up Time, Photoshop Lens Filter and AS SSD ISO Copy


How well the drive performs on common benchmarks

Crucial m4
840 Pro
Passmark Disk Rating, PCMark Vantage, AS SSD Score and 1 more


SSDBoss Score

read performance, write performance, real world benchmarks and Benchmarks

Crucial m4
840 Pro

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Crucial m4

4K Random Read

Crucial m4
135.32 MB/s
840 EVO
318.8 MB/s
840 Pro
311.34 MB/s

4K Random Write

Crucial m4
8.8 MB/s
840 Pro
130.58 MB/s
840 EVO
106.65 MB/s

Windows 7 Boot-up Time

Crucial m4
9.1 s
14 s
840 Pro
7.8 s

Avg. Power Consumption

Crucial m4
1.41 Watts
2.31 Watts
840 EVO
2.29 Watts

4K Random Read Access Time

Crucial m4
28.42 ms
840 Pro
1.91 ms
840 EVO
2.34 ms

4K Random Write Access Time

Crucial m4
1.85 ms
SSDNow V300
6.46 ms
840 EVO
0.78 ms

Reviews Word on the street for the Crucial m4

This SSD can also handle 40,000 IOPS, or input/output operations per second, while reading and 35,000 IOPS while writing.

We used the performance data from all our real-life benchmarks to condense the results into a single relative performance score.

Price and reliability also come into the equation.


8.2 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


The headline sequential read and write performance exceeds Crucial claims, clocking up 440MB/s and 286MB/s respectively.
by Tech Radar (Aug, 2011)
Considering that the m4 uses similar hardware, I see no reason why Crucial couldn't sell the m4 at C300 levels in the future, at which point the drive would quickly be able to capture major market share - the C300 is the best price/performance and GB per $ drive on the market right now.
by techPowerUp!
On the other hand tests like Windows 7 Startup and Photoshop Startup run slower than on the C300.
by techPowerUp!


Crucial's m4 SSD uses a SATA 6 Gbps interface to provided maximum throughput on newer generation motherboards with speeds up to 600 MB/s..
by techPowerUp!
Our testing of the m4, which we conducted in a system centered on a Gigabyte Z68 Express–based motherboard (so we would be guaranteed the highest SATA III throughputs), showed that it delivered excellent, if not quite top-tier, results.
by PCMag (Jun, 2011)


The drive packs more like a write speed over 150MB/s, low power consumption and more.
by PCMag (Aug, 2011)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 64 GB
Cache 128 MB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Controller Marvell 88SS9174
Memory type MLC
NAND process size 25 nm
Maximum shock force 1,500G

form factor

Form factor 2.5"
Mfg warranty 3 years
Thickness 7 mm
Weight 73 g

manufacturer performance

Sequential read 500 MB/s
Sequential write 260 MB/s
Random read 45,000 IOPS
Random write 50,000 IOPS
Power consumption (Idle) 0.07 Watts
Power consumption (Active) 0.15 Watts
MTBF 1,200,000 hours
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Don't forget to firmware update your crucial m4 or your drive may die after 5184 hours of use.
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