Corsair Force LS 

Released September, 2013
  • 60 GB
  • 2.5" SATA III
  • 512 MB
6.3 Out of 10

Their latest addition is the Force LS Series designed to be a value-oriented alternative without compromising on quality.
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Like most recent SSDs, the Corsair Force LS uses the SATA 6 Gbps interface.
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SSDBoss Review Our evaluation of the Corsair Force LS

read performance

How quickly data is read from the drive

Force LS
HyperX 3K
4K Random Read, 4K Random Read Access Time and 512K Sequential Read

write performance

How quickly data is written to the drive

Force LS
HyperX 3K
4K Random Write, 4K Random Write Access Time and 512K Sequential Write

real world benchmarks

How well the drive performs common tasks

Force LS
HyperX 3K
Windows 7 Boot-up Time, Photoshop Lens Filter and AS SSD ISO Copy


How well the drive performs on common benchmarks

Force LS
HyperX 3K
PCMark Vantage and AS SSD Score


SSDBoss Score

read performance, write performance, real world benchmarks and Benchmarks

Force LS
HyperX 3K

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Corsair Force LS

4K Random Read

Force LS
117.24 MB/s
30.99 MB/s
SSDNow V300
38.7 MB/s

4K Random Write

Force LS
29.71 MB/s
HyperX 3K
109.63 MB/s
HyperX Savage SSD
58.47 MB/s

Windows 7 Boot-up Time

Force LS
8.1 s
10.8 s
HyperX 3K
9.7 s

Avg. Power Consumption

Force LS
1.67 Watts
HyperX 3K
2.99 Watts
2.54 Watts

4K Random Read Access Time

Force LS
8.41 ms
HyperX 3K
2.28 ms

4K Random Write Access Time

Force LS
2.13 ms
8.07 ms
SSDNow V300
6.46 ms

Reviews Word on the street for the Corsair Force LS

With a price of $200 for the 240 GB version, it is certainly not the cheapest drive on the market; not when looking at performance per dollar or price per GB.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


On this page we will look at an enterprise-oriented MySQL setup to test storage performance in professional scenarios.
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It is paired with 19 nanometer Toshiba toggle NAND for quick data transfers.
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Corsair is using a Phison PS3108 as the controller—a cost-effective solution with decent performance.
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Its strongest competitors are the Samsung 840 non-Pro, which, while cheaper and with more capacity due to no overprovisioning, tends to fall behind in write-heavy applications (not an issue for most consumers), and Crucial's also cheaper M500 offering both strong read and write performance.
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One of their strongest endeavors was entering the SSD market where they are now a key players, providing solid-state drives covering the whole price and performance spectrum.
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Their new Force LS is based on a Phison PS3108 controller performing decently enough to compete with all but the latest high-end drives.
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Specifications Full list of technical specs


Capacity 60 GB
Cache 512 MB
Interface SATA III
Interface speed 6 Gbit/s
Controller Phison PS3109
Memory type MLC

form factor

Form factor 2.5"
Thickness 7 mm
Weight 56 g

manufacturer performance

MTBF 1,000,000 hours
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