About SSDBoss

Researching the perfect solid state drive for your next computer can be a time consuming process. Whether you’re looking for an SSD with the fastest boot time or the one at the best price point, SSDBoss.com can save you time and ensure you’ve got the right drive for your gaming and work needs. Our site captures a massive amount of specs and performance data, as well as what people are saying about a product, and organizes that information in one central place as a one-stop-shop for researching solid state drives.

SSDBoss can help:

  • search for the best SSDs by criteria (e.g. performance, value, or brand)
  • summarize key SSD specs, benchmarks, and reviews data in one central page
  • show head to head comparisons between SSDs, with the pros/cons of each
  • present important data visually in a clean, user-friendly interface

We’re just a bunch of geeks who are trying to create an easier way to help people research hardware. We launched sister sites CPUBoss.com and GPUBoss.com to help people research the best processors and graphics cards, and have had a lot of support for expanding our service to other pieces of hardware. We’re still working to improve our websites so we’d love feedback and suggestions.

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Twitter: @thessdboss
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